Ruby Red Morsels of Joy

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This is your chance to make a perfect cherry pie. They are also a great snack served cold or warm. Montmorency cherries are picked at the peak of ripeness, pitted, and immediately canned in their own juice and water. This is your chance to make a perfect cherry pie. Two cans are needed for a pie, and the recipe is included on the can. They are also a great snack served cold right out of the can, tossed in yogurt, cereal, or jello.

14 oz. can

Case of 12

Customer Reviews

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    Morsels of joy

    So thrilled to find unsweetened canned sours. I grew up with them, canned from our yard and never needed the extra sugar!

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    Ruby Red Morsels

    This makes the best cherry pie! Will always keep on hand.

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    Special cherries

    I use these in a mixed cherry cobbler. Excellent. Dried and canned made a great combination. I soaked the dried in brandy first.

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    great cherries

    These are excellent cherries! A little expensive but you get what you pay for.

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    Ruby Red Morsels of Joy

    I will only use these cherries for my pies. All others have absolutely no flavor. I order them every year,

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    Perfect recipe for a perfect cherry pie, and the cherries are delicious. I will only make cherry pie with these cherries from now on!

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    Miss them

    Can't find canned cherries in the groceries in the South....had wonderful pie from 2 cans of these last weekend...need to order more, wish I could get them shipped frozen....

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    the best

    best canned cherries ever. Receive nothing but high marks
    for my pies

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    Montmorencys Are The Best !

    The BEST sour cherries are montmorencys. Packed in their own juice they are the basis for fabulous cherry pies or whatever is you favorite cherry treat. I have eaten them since we picked them from the trees in childhood summers and there is no better cherry to use for sauces or baking. Ruby Reds are in my pantry now even though I'm far from Michigan.