Cherryaki Sauce

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Add a creative twist to your cooking with our pineapple Cherryaki Sauce. The sweet flavors of cherry and pineapple, combined with the earthy mushroom oyster sauce, perfectly complement salmon and chicken, beef and pork. Don’t forget to try it on veggies too! Perfect for the grill.
17 oz. jars; Case of 12

Customer Reviews

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    Cherryaki + Grilled Shrimp = Heaven!

    We love this in our family. I've used it on grilled salmon and it was awesome. But when I basted this on the shrimp as I was grilling them..... That was the winner so far! Such a great sauce that isn't too teriyaki or too cherry.

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    Absolutely amazing. I used this sauce with tofu and it was perfect. One of the best flavors I have ever tasted!

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    Awesome sauce

    I drizzle on grilled salmon the last few minutes of cooking and everyone was crazy about it! I had to get more as this is now the "go to" sauce for BBQ.

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    Excellent flavor

    Loved it. Not too spicy and not to sweet.

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    Cherryaki Turkey and Veggie Dirty Rice

    Last night I made a huge recipe of turkey and veggie dirty rice and decided to add Cherry Republic's cherryaki sauce. Oh, what a great idea! The cherryaki sauce absolutely transformed the dish and gave it the zip and zing it needed to push it past being an ordinary but tasty dish. I can't even describe how delicious this sauce is. This is something I need to keep in my cabinet at all times. I can hardly wait to try it with other dishes!

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    I tried it on chicken. I will be ordering some more very soon.

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    Cherryaki Sauce with Ribs

    I marinade my Ribs in the Cherryaki Sauce over night in the Crock pot and then cook them on low for 4 to 5 hours. To top them off I put the Spicy Cherry BBQ Sauce on them and put them on warm in the oven for 30 min. Delicious!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your products are Awesome!! I made these Ribs last week for a tailgate party in Ann Arbor for the Michigan football game. They were a major hit and everyone asked for my recipe. They wanted to know more about your stores and locations.

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    The Cherryaki Sauce is good but the best product is the service you bring to the community

    Thanks for all you did in the aftermath of the storm, but that's no surprise considering all that you do for your customers (fantastic, new, innovative products), the fun, well written catalog, the jobs you create for the region and your invigorating, infectious can-do/will-do spirit.

    Thanks for the innovative products, but thanks most for you.

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    Well, CR, you hit it out of the park again! I bought this on our last visit to Cherry Republic. I hadn't seen it before so I am assuming it must be a new product. I even love the name! You guys are so clever and fun with your products and stores. CR is definitely a tourist stop for anyone visiting Michigan!
    The first time we tried the Cherryaki Sauce I did the predictable- I served it with grilled chicken. Yum! We won't be doing boring old bbq chicken ever again! But then I was intrigued by all the other things I could use the sauce for, and have since tried it on grilled salmon, put it in a vegetable stir fry, and served as a dipping sauce for grilled chops. Definitely going to be pantry staple at our house from now on! Carry on, CR, carry on!