Montmorency Dried Cherries

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Big, plump, and juicy. Our dried cherries are the best available. We start with the best Montmorency Tart Cherries of the year and use our unique drying process to ensure they are beautiful, great tasting, and healthy. The versatility of dried cherries makes them particularly good for purchase in bulk. An easy substitute for raisins in any recipe, they are also a healthy alternative to candy in kids' lunch boxes, a great addition to stuffing for roasts, easily reconstituted and substituted for fresh cherries, and that extra something special in trail mixes, on relish trays, or in homemade chutneys.

The Best Cookie Recipe: Coconut Cherry Oatmeal

8 oz. bag

16 oz. bag

5 lb. box

Case of 12

Customer Reviews

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    Montmoency Dried Cherries

    Posted by Unknown on Apr 8th 2022

    I have ordered in the past and the products are always very delicious. My go to site for dried cherries.

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    Cherries Epic

    These are epic, the best ever, greatest of all time. A must have in the cabinet and the best cherries in all the land.

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    Montmorency dried cherries

    OH! These cherries are SO delicious! As a snack they are
    'decadent', but they are also good sprinkled in a salad, and also your morning oatmeal. Their taste is addictive!

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    Montmorency Dried Cherries

    How delicious! Eat them by themselves or include them in all kinds of recipes and/or stuffings, etc.

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    Dried cherries

    I got turned onto these cherries and Cherry Republic when my daughter was a student in Ann Arbor. I have been buying them regularly for the past 9 years. They never disappoint.

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    Montmorency Dried Cherries

    Best. Dried Cherries. Ever. On salads, in cobblers, in chicken salad, snacking right out of the bag!! Been using them for years.

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    Montgomery dried cherries

    These are the best! I eat them by the handful and bake with them. I put them in bagels! Yum

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    dried cherries

    Simply the best we cherries we have tasted. Found them at DTW airport and wished we bought more.

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    Dried cherries and 1 more ingredient

    I had tried to determine if any sulfites were used in the special drying process. It did not look like it, but I reacted pretty strongly in my usual way after enjoying these in an oatmeal cookie recipe so I'm guessing there is some?