Montmorency Dried Cherries

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Big, plump, and juicy. Our dried cherries are the best available. We start with the best Montmorency Tart Cherries of the year and use our unique drying process to ensure they are beautiful, great tasting, and healthy. The versatility of dried cherries makes them particularly good for purchase in bulk. An easy substitute for raisins in any recipe, they are also a healthy alternative to candy in kids' lunch boxes, a great addition to stuffing for roasts, easily reconstituted and substituted for fresh cherries, and that extra something special in trail mixes, on relish trays, or in homemade chutneys.

Dried Cherry Apple Stuffing Recipe

8 oz. bag

16 oz. bag

5 lb. box

Case of 12

Customer Reviews

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    Love these plump cherries! Perfect in oatmeal cherrie chocolate chip cookies, in fall salad with apple, blue cheese, walnuts, cherries in a dejon mustard dressing or just a handful! The best!

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    Montmorency dried cherries

    Moist and full of flavor! Much better than grocery store options.

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    Smashed bags

    All bags were packed tightly into one small box. This caused all the cherries to get smashed and the juices to go everywhere in the bags. I feel like packing them for shipping needs to be more careful especially when numerous were bought. These were part of a company gift basket and I will have to not use them as they appear to look bad with the juices everywhere.

    Thank you for for placing your order and for taking the time to review our product. All of our product have a satisfaction guarantee. If a product is damaged or does not meet your expectations, please contact our Cherry Ambassadors at 1-800-206-6949 and they can help with a replacement product or a refund.

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    Montmorency cherries

    Top quality and delicious as always! These are the only cherries I use for Christmas cookies and breads.

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    Montmorencg Cherries


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    Too notch

    These are top notch dried cherries.. I use in oatmeal, scones and more. I buy them in the largest size.

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    Montmorency Dried Cherries

    Absolutely delicious! Plump, tart yet sweet, and so addictive. Mmmmmmm.

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    My favorite!!!

    LOVE these signature dried cherries! Also LOVED the zucchini bread recipe you guys posted using these!

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    Montmorency Dried Cherries

    Fresh, delicious, great shipping service.