HOT Cherry Salsa

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Hot! Hot! Hot! An ode to our southern neighbors, we've stepped up the heat in our unique Hot Cherry Salsa with a slight sweetness of cherries and a burst of Southern spice. So good on tortilla chips and tacos, but just as delicious on eggs and burgers.

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    Hot Cherry Salsa

    Posted by Unknown on 2nd Dec 2021

    Awesome mix of sweet and hot! Not too spicy but has pleasant kick.

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    Not hot at all

    I thought this hot salsa might be less sweet than the regular cherry salsa. It's just as sweet. And I didn't notice any perceptible heat to the flavor at all. It wasn't spicy in the slightest. I'm not a fan.

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    Hot Cherry Salsa

    Awesome! I don’t usually care for super hot salsa; however, the cherries in this salsa add sweetness which cuts back a bit on the heat. Perfect combination of flavors! Love it!!

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    Excellent - spicy and sweet

    This salsa beats everything. It is just the right combination of sweet and heat. I highly recommend it!

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    I have fallen in love with this salsa!! For those that may not like cherries, it does not have a cherry flavor, but it is very flavorful!! It is not hot unless you are extremely sensitive. I will definitely be purchasing more!!

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    Delicious but not hot

    Get the "cherries on fire" one if you want any heat. This one is very sweet and has less heat than store brand "mild" salsa. I actually wonder if they accidentally put a weaker one in the wrong jar. Still 4 stars for tasting good.

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    Delicious, more medium than high

    This ran about a medium. I'm a fan of spicy salsa, so I'd like it a little hotter but it's absolutely delicious.

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    Cherry Salsa

    The ingredients in this salsa are fresh, like homemade. I make my own salsa and this is the real deal.

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    Very delicious

    We were sent some for Christmas and we liked it so much that we bought 3 more jars. By our taste out here in the Southwest, it isn't all that spicy, but if you don't normally eat spicy food, this will have quite an afterbite.