HOT Cherry Salsa

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Hot! Hot! Hot! An ode to our southern neighbors, we've stepped up the heat in our unique Hot Cherry Salsa with a slight sweetness of cherries and a burst of Southern spice. So good on tortilla chips and tacos, but just as delicious on eggs and burgers.

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    Great taste with just the right amount of Heat!

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    Best Ever!

    Served at family dinner and everyone raves the best they have ever had. A truly amazing taste.

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    Hot Cherry Salsa - YUM!

    First found this offered at a Plow & Hearth store. My husband and I LOVE the taste and the heat of it. When they didn't have in stock when we needed to replenish, we went to your website and ordered a case!! :) The best tasting salsa ever!!!! Will never eat a grocery store salsa again. Keep up the good work and don't ever stop carrying.

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    Best Ever

    We loved these and went through them quickly. We will try some of the other salsas!

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    Best salsa around

    Family favorite!! Only salsa my husband will eat and he loves it!

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    Outstanding salsa

    Friends from all over the world, who have never tasted anything like this, think it's absolutely fabulous! And of course, my American friends do as well!

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    Hands down the best salsa ever

    This salsa is so good that I have eaten it straight out of the jar when I have run out of chips. My husband will not eat any other salsa; he thinks it is the best salsa that he has ever eaten.

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    Without a doubt, the best salsa ever!

    This salsa is spicy and has just the right amount of sweet cherry to make it the I have ever eaten. I have eaten it out of the jar with just a spoon when I am out of chips. My husband loves it so much; he won't eat any other salsa.

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    The best...ever

    Hands down, the best salsa on earth. I buy it by the case. Everything else tastes yucky after this...