Cherry Salsa Verde

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The product formerly known as Green Cherry Salsa is a prince of a salsa. Tomatillos (a Mexican husk tomato) give this salsa its festive color and distinctive tart flavor. The addition of spicy jalapeño peppers, onion, and lime make this hotter than classic red salsas, and cherries make it distinctly ours.

16 oz. jar; Case of 12

Customer Reviews

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    We had this with green chili enchiladas and it was perfect. It has a good kick, but not hot. My favorite of CR salsas.

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    Best Salsa

    This is now my goto salsa and I buy it by the case. Great flavor and enough heat to wake up the mouth. Even my son who doesn't things too hot loves this salsa.

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    VERY tasty

    I'd prefer a little more heat, a little less sweet but this is so tasty!

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    Absolutely the best salsa ever

    The very best salsa. Don’t let the high heat fool you - it isn’t. It’s got a terrific flavor. We bought four jars last time we were in Frankenmuth and I just opened my last jar. Put it on white chicken chili tonight but honestly it’s amazing on scrambled eggs, chips and salsa or the sole of your shoe.

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    The best I've ever had!

    If you dont try this salsa, you dont love salsa. By far the best salsa I have ever had. It is now shipped to me in Oklahoma anytime I get low on it. Not worth buying anything else!!

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    Love the salsa from Cherry Republic. Always tastes delicious and pairs well with so many foods other than chips. We served pork chops with the green salsa and even on our morning eggs.

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    Excellent !

    We bought this at O'Neill's fruit stand in LaFayette, N.Y., as they were giving out samples. We bought a jar because the sample was so good. It is delicious, the best green salsa ever, just the right amount of heat. Excellent!