Cherry Pear Butter

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A perfect topping for toast or other warm breads, the light spices of our Cherry Pear Butter will fill your kitchen with scrumptious aromas. Or use when baking homemade Danish pastries or thumbprint jam cookies.

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    Cherry Pear Butter.. A.MAZ.ING

    This is the kind of food that creates cravings. It is so delicious and comforting I have spent the last several days trying to figure out how many I can store so i always have some on hand!

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    Cherry Pear Butter

    I'm always on the lookout for a savory option for sandwiches. While exploring this site, I found the Cherry Pear Butter and thought this has got to be good. I love cherries and I love pears, so this would be a double win. When the jar arrived, I opened it and wipe the rim with my finger to taste. I guess I was expecting it to be more on the sweet side and was therefore surprised by the spices. (If the descriptions lists the spices that just shows how I was sold on the item name, who cared about the description.) Before I tasted any more, I got a cheddar cheese stick and scooped it in the jar, DELICIOUS! Next shopping trip, I picked up some sliced turkey. Sandwich time, spread the Cherry Pear Butter on one slice and added a couple slices of turkey - so much better than turkey and mayo! Try for yourself and see.

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    This Pear Butter is really delicious.

    Would buy again.

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    Cherry pear butter

    My son got married in charlevoix in October of this past year and on our last day before we left town we stopped at the charlevoix store. We sampled all kinds of goodies but this one was a favorite of his and mine! He even said to me, "Mom, it tastes like Christmas!" :)
    if you like cherry, and you like pear, you're going to love this, it is smooth and has just the right blend of both flavors, with a kick of cinnamon. You won't be sorry if you order it!

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    Of course its out of stock

    This stuff is the crack of spreads. Highly addictive and always satisfies. Bought 3 jars in Frankenmuth because my sons favorite fruit is pear and my mom is basically a foodie. Sad I made the mistake of actually giving it to my son and thinking about it not making it into the box to ship to mom. Am I a bad daughter? This stuff is soooo good.

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    A Winner

    I bought 2 jars as Christmas presents, not having tried it myself but going on the reviews. Well, I’m back to write my review that my family loves it! Time for me to place another order...this one for myself ????

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    A Perfect Match

    I love pears just as much as I love Michigan cherries, so when I saw the combination of my two favorite fruits, I thought it was too good to be true.

    Instead, it was even better than I expected.

    This thick, fruit filled butter is a tad on the sweet side with a hint of cinnamon spice. It's an excellent addition to hearty wheat toast or a great topping on a Belgian waffle.

    I hope Cherry Republic keeps this Cherry Pear butter around for a while - I can't wait to order my 3rd jar!