Cherry Jam

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Our classic Cherry Jam packs the fresh, sweet taste of a northern Michigan summer into a jar. After ripening on the tree for a season, the cherries travel from tree to jar and to your home!

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Cherry Chantilly Cake
What to do with Cherry Jam? 
While we know our cherry jam tastes great on toast and PB&J’s, we have rounded up some other of our favorite recipes that our cherry jam lovers will want to make!
What is the difference between cherry jam, jelly, preserves, fruit butters, and conserves?
Cherry Jam comprises crushed fruit cooked with sugar until the fruit loses its form and becomes soft. It tends to be more chunky because of how it is made. As the jam cooks, the water evaporates, so the jam thickens into the finished product that gets jarred.
Jelly is made from a combination of sugar, pectin, acid (citric acid), and fruit juice, cooked together to become a clear fruit spread. The fruit juice is the key to the clear appearance.  While the juice from fresh fruit can be used, it must be strained to get all the chunks out. Try our Cherry Jelly!
Preserves is a term that is a “catch-all” for many preserved fruit spreads, including Cherry Republic’s Spiced Cherry Preserves. Really what it comes down to is that it’s a sister of jam, but is simply chunks of fruit stored or preserved in their own juice, jelly, syrup, or water.
Fruit butters are unlike all the rest and rely on the fruit's natural body to create the thickness. The pureed fruit is cooked with sugar just like jam, but for a much longer time so the water evaporates even more to create the thickness. Try our Cherry Pecan Butter.
Conserves are made from a mixture of fruits, and are another close sister of jam. Where they differ is that they are a mixture of fruits, and can contain nuts or dried fruits that are then mixed in with sugar as the preservative. Our Cherry Mimosa Conserve is a great example.
All jams, jellies, preserves, fruit butters, and conserves are equally delicious. To learn more about the differences, check out Bob’s blog!
Want to gift our Cherry Jam? 
Customers across the country rave about our Cherry Jam. Edward, a Citizen of The Republic, reviewed our jam stating, “In my opinion, Cherry Republic’s Cherry Jam is the most wonderful tasting cherry jam on this planet. I have 65 plus years of experience eating cherry jam, so when I say it’s great, I know what I’m talking about!”
Below are five gift boxes that make the perfect gift: 
Cherry Jam Sampler:  Let's be honest. It can be almost impossible to choose between your favorite Cherry Republic jams and preserves. So to help you out, we've bundled our four most popular selections into one delicious gift box! Enjoy Cherry Jam, Cherry Berry Jam, Cherry Strawberry Preserves, and Cherry Almond Butter. There's plenty of cherry love to go around!
Cherry Essentials Gift Box: The perfect personal-sized gift, our Cherry Essentials Gift Box contains four of our best sellers: Ruby Red Sour Cherry Patches, Dark Chocolate Covered Cherries, Cherry Jam, and our Original Cherry Salsa.
Cherry Sampler Gift Box: Surprise coworkers, clients, friends, and family with their own sampler box of Cherry Republic favorites.
The Great Breakfast Gift Box: We gathered all of your breakfast favorites together so you can start your day off right. Enjoy our Cherry-Infused Maple Syrup, Cherry Pancake Mix, Cherry Jam, and Ground Chocolate Cherry Boom Coffee. Top of the morning to you!
The PB&J Sampler: What kiddo wouldn’t want to open their lunch box to find a magical PB&J made with Cherry Jam and White Chocolate Cherry Peanut Butter? And kids of all ages will appreciate these yummy toast toppings for a special morning breakfast or afternoon tea time. 
Where can I buy Cherry Jam?
Our Cherry Jam is available to be purchased online in our 8.5 oz. jar, 17.5 oz. jar, or in cases of 12.
If you live in Michigan or plan on visiting soon, check out any of our six retail locations or check out the map to see if you live near one of our partner retailers. Who knows, our Cherry Jam might be just a block away!