Cherry Republic Stemless Wine Glass

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Whether you prefer Aratàs, Sunset Blush, or Cherry White, you can reach for one of Cherry Republic's Stemless Wine Glasses to pour it in. Our small stemless wine glass is 9 ounces and our large glass is 15 ounces!

Even though stemmed wine glasses might seem like the obvious choice when shopping for glassware, stemless wine glasses are much more versatile. They're easy to hold, more durable, and less prone to tipping over or breaking while handwashing. Plus, our Cherry Republic stemless wine glass works for every occasion and every type of wine.  Our stemless wine glass is perfect for your morning orange juice or beverage for any time of they day
Don't stress if you can't choose between reds and whites, because the most important thing is that you will be receiving a stemless wine glass that you love to drink out of. They have a universal shape that accommodates all types of wine, and they are made of durable glass that's actually dishwasher-safe. Customers especially love how versatile they are—our stemless wine glasses can be used for everyday beverages as well as cocktails.
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Where can I purchase Cherry Republic's Stemless Wine Glasses?
Our Stemless Wine Glasses are available to purchase online, along with our Stemless Champagne Flutes.
If you live in Michigan or plan on visiting soon, check out any of our six retail locations. Also check out Cherry Republic's Winery on our Glen Arbor campus.