White Chocolate Cherry Peanut Butter

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Our White Chocolate Cherry Peanut Butter wraps a subtle white chocolate sweetness around a light cherry and very nutty peanut butter. Contains hemp and flax seed for added health benefits, and absolutely no hydrogenated oils or trans fats.

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    This peanut butter is awesome!

    This peanut butter is awesome! the overall taste just melts into your mouth. One of my favorites!!

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    a let down

    We were all disappointed in this product; it was not as good as any of the regular peanut butter we buy. We could not detect the cherries or the the white chocolate.

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    No bake cookies

    I use this in my no bake cookies....and it so creamy and get a slight hint of cherries that is yummy.

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    Simply the Best

    Simply the best. Can't go back to what I was using. This is definitely very healthy for me.

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    Best Salsa

    This is the best salsa in the area! They are great with their shipping!

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    Good but not enough cherry flavor

    This peanut butter is creamy with a distinct smooth flavor (white chocolate) and delicious. However, it lacks the cherry flavor. I suggest tripling the intensity of the cherry flavor for a real and bold cherry peanut butter spread.

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    super yummy!

    The only reason I'm not giving this 5 stars is because I didn't get any white chocolate notes. Or maybe that was the extra creaminess I was getting? I'm a peanut butter fanatic to say the least, though, and this is amazingly delicious.

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    Best peanut butter I have ever had, and it is so clean!

    This white chocolate cherry peanut butter is by far the best peanut butter I have ever had. The commitment of Cherry Republic to such clean and healthy ingredients with obvious attention to proper processing to best preserve the healthy benefits of those ingredients is commendable and has made me and my wife a dedicated customer for as long as the commitment remains. Thank you, and hope one day to see a Cherry Republic open somewhere between Lansing and Kalamazoo!