White Chocolate Boomchunkas

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Our very first product was the Original White Chocolate Boomchunka cookie! Thirty years later, this made-from-scratch, over-sized bakery treat remains one of our most popular thanks to plump dried cherries, rolled oats, and huge chunks of white chocolate.

(We don't use any preservatives, so be sure to eat or freeze your cookies as soon as they arrive!)

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Two cookies per package; Case of 12 packages

Customer Reviews

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    Boomchunka cookies, original white chocolate

    I ordered these as a birthday gift for a cookie lover, and she was thrilled as she said they were so big she could only eat half before she was filled up, and saved the rest for later

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    Great cookie!

    Had these for the first time last fall and fell in love with them. Moist chewy yummy cookie.

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    So unlike any other product sold by Cherry Republic

    I read the reviews from others and have to believe the cookies I got were a bad batch. I bought 3 packs of 2 large cookies. No one ate more than a bite. They tasted like raw oatmeal with a mouthful of sugar. Even the tart cherries seemed to be loaded with sugar. Every other product I’ve tried has been spectacular. Had to be a bad batch somehow.

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    These are delicious! Why are they out of stock?

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    Best cookie you will ever have !

    As always - I'm drooling! These are the best cookies ! I have ordered them numerous times for myself & as gifts and they are always delicious!!!!!????

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    Bestest cookies ever!

    Nothing compares to these lucious treats. You can't eat just one!

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    Gone in 60 seconds! Thought I could just break a piece off and snack. A cookie that is a slice of heaven!!!

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    This is not the Boomchunka of yesteryear

    I bought original white chocolate Boomchunkas for the first time in a few years. From the get-go, the original oatmeal type cookies studded with chunks of white chocolate and cherries was a favorite whenever we visited Cherry Republic in Glen Arbor. This year, I decided to treat my own family as well, when I ordered a gift box to send to Floridian friends. I ordered some items for delivery to our own home, including the white chocolate Boomchunkas. The cookie I ate, was nothing like the oatmeal cookie studded in white chocolate and cherries we remember. This was a "cherry flavored" bland, pinkish in color, oatmeal cookie with a few chunks of white chocolate and virtually no cherries. What the heck happened to that beautiful "lumpy" imperfect looking, but so luscious Boomchunka of old? So disappointed in this "newer" version. We won't order them again.

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    Best Oatmeal Cookie

    Best Cookie EVER! We can't stop ordering them!