True Cherry Preserves (no sugar added)

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Chock full of cherry chunks, these preserves are packed with pure tart cherry flavor. Our fabulous True Cherry Preserves are made with tart cherries and sweetened with only natural white grape juice. If you like pure tart cherry taste this one's for you. It's a low-sugar product too!

9 oz. jars; Case of 12

Customer Reviews

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    5 stars

    It is awesome!

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    Larger size

    I go through a jar of this jam too quickly! How about offering a larger size in addition to the 9 oz?

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    waiting patiently

    please bring back Cherry preserves ( no sugar added) It is the best you can get anywhere You can be so proud of this product!! Its been out of stock and I cant wait until it returns Hurry

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    More no sugar added jams

    The no sugar added jam is the best.As a diabetic it is hard to find good tasting foods.How about a full line of no sugar added jams? I'am sure you would make a lot of people happy.

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    Love this preserve!

    Been ordering this no sugar cherry preserve since we were at Cherry Republic many years ago while on vacation. It is great not too sweet, but sweet enough. Gotten family loving it too.

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    I order this and your other sugar free products for my father in law who is diabetic, he loves to see fedex deliver his CR package.

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    Cherry Preserves - No sugar added

    The true tart flavor of cherries is preserved in Cherry Republic's no-sugar-added preserves. If you like preserves thickened with sugar, you probably won't like this product. If you want to be healthy and cut down on sugar, you will love it. I put it on or in many things: to top a peanut butter sandwich; mixed in oatmeal; in plain Greek yogurt--especially in plain Greek yogurt.

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    Pucker up!

    My husband and I have sampled a variety of your outstanding jams, jellies and butters. Last year he was told by his doctor that given the diabetes history in his family he should watch his sugar intake. So I've been on a quest to find low sugar alternatives. Your products are never artificially sweetened; we don't permit fake sugar in our house so I really appreciate having the options you offer. And the cherry preserves have the added benefit of antioxidants combined with the BEST tart flavor I've found anywhere! My husband is the healthiest I've seen him in the 25 years we've been together, and we haven't had to give up our favorite Cherry Republic product.