Triple Cherry Granola

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Straight from our Glen Arbor Bakery, Triple Cherry Granola is packed with dried Cherries, blueberries, and strawberries, mixed with with clumps of honeyed oats, almonds and chewy jammy cherry bites. A great snack straight out of the bag or over cereal or yogurt. To really see what our granola can do, try it sprinkled over a salad in place of croutons!
1lb. bags; Case of 12

Customer Reviews

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    Hard bits

    Lots of hard bits...afraid of breaking teeth.

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    Just can't get enough

    I can never keep enough around to review! I receive my CR order and snack on granola while I indulge my inner cherry being. Keep up the great offerings!

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    Die and go to Granola Heaven

    So. Good. Absolutely amazing delicious granola. If you like Granola you will absolutely love this. Perfect blend of sweet and tart. Just be aware of the calories if you are watching that. Good pre-workout fuel!

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    My Favorite Snack

    From the first bite I took of this delicious Cherry/Granola mix, I was hooked. Granola is sometimes dry, but the cherries in the mix make it moist and yummy. And oh, so tempting to snack on a lot!

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    Can be terrific but...

    I have eaten a ton of this stuff and I used to love it. But the last few bags I got were stale and were not good at all.