Triple Cherry Granola

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Straight from our Glen Arbor Bakery, Triple Cherry Granola is packed with dried Cherries, blueberries, and strawberries, mixed with with clumps of honeyed oats, almonds and chewy jammy cherry bites. A great snack straight out of the bag or over cereal or yogurt. To really see what our granola can do, try it sprinkled over a salad in place of croutons!
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1lb. bags; Case of 12

Customer Reviews

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    triple cherry granola

    I love this product!

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    Price has gone up.

    This is great stuff, but the last time I ordered it, it was 9.95, and it jumped to 12.95.

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    Triple Cherry Granola

    This is a main staple for breakfast in our household. It's absolutely delightful in oatmeal, mixed in with cereal or plain yogurt. We just love it. My mother-in-law brought some with her on a visit during Christmas and we loved it so much, I just had to order several bags after she left! Wonderful!!

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    Great Granola

    I eat granola everyday for breakfast, and the
    Triple Cherry Granola is the best granola I have ever tried. Excellent taste and ingredients. I will continue to treat myself!

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    Excellent granola

    I have tried many brands of granola and this is one of the best. Not only is it chock full of delicious dried fruit, but it has a tasty mix of oats and wheat without a lot of extraneous grains, and is sweetened just the right amount.

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    Outstanding granola!

    I order this every year for my Aunt in CA. I also include cherry jam or cherry tea. Last year I ordered the same thing for myself as well. Loved every bite! ❤️????????

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    The best granola around

    My family has been eating this for years and I finally decided to just order 12 bags at a time as it is hands down the best and has a great shelf life. It has a great semi-chewy texture that grocery brands lack plus way more dried fruit mixed in. Stock up during flat rate shipping!

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    I love this granola! I can’t get enough of it. I eat it at least once everyday! It is delicious.

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    Probably the worst granola I've ever had

    The name of the granola is triple cherry. It did not taste like cherries, and we counted the cherries in the bag and there were 14 cherries in the entire bag of granola. Also, it tasted stale and was not crunchy. If you like flavored oats, then you'll like this.