Sweet & Spicy Nut Mix

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We have an all-new recipe for this tasty snack. A little more spicy and a lot more flavorful, our Sweet and Spicy Nut Mix is better than ever! We combine our delectable dried cherries with cashews, almonds, and pecans, and then throw in our secret blend of spices. The result is a mix that has a tiny bit of sweetness and a whole lot more spice that makes this snack something you won't be able to resist. Better get two bags!

Customer Reviews

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    I purchased the Sweet & Spicy nut mix on a trip to Michigan this past summer and now I am addicted to this nut mix! It has the most amazing flavor!

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    Snack mix

    Absolutely yum

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    Delicious snack mix

    This snack mix is fantastic. Salty, sweet and has a nice warm spice to it. Well balanced and irresistible.

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    too salty and hot-not palatable

    I ordered this for two families for Christmas and had high hopes as I love sweet and spicy, but it was so salty and hot no one could eat it! My sons love heat but too hot and salty for them too. I redeemed it by adding it to homemade chex mix and it was great in that, but otherwise not palatable.

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    So delicious! The perfect balance of sweet and spicy. Can't wait to get more!

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    Keep Sweet and Spicy nut mix!

    This nut mix is delicious and I hope that it will be available soon! We love it in my family!

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    cruncy with a little zing

    Love the crunchiness of the nuts, the sweetness of the cherries - all with just the right amount of zip!