Cherry Republic Stemless Champagne Flute


Our Cherry Republic Stemless Champagne Flute offers a unique and versatile drinking vessel perfect for both formal and informal occasions. Use your Champagne Flute at weddings, birthdays, or pack it in your picnic basket and enjoy your summer day in Northern Michigan! Elegant and durable, this beautifully designed glass lets you serve your Liberty Sparkling Cherry Wine in style.

What is Cherry Republic's Liberty Sparkling Cherry Wine?
Michigan Montmorency and Balaton tart cherries blend together to create this festive, Champagne-style sparkling wine, made by méthode champenoise rather than forced carbonation. The best Champagnes and sparkling wines are made by méthode champenoise rather than forced carbonation which requires a secondary fermentation in the bottle. There are only a handful of sparkling cherry wines in the world, which makes this unique Cherry Republic wine unique.. Cheers to cherries! Cheers to liberty!
Our Liberty Sparkling Wine pairs perfectly with a variety of cheeses, our dark chocolate cherries, and cheesecake. It also pairs nicely with strawberries, hot spicy foods, and salty appetizers.
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What is another Cherry Republic Product that would pair well with our Stemless Champagne Flute?
Our Sparkling Cherry Spumante will allow you to enjoy pure pops of fizzy fun in a sparkling cherry beverage. A blend of grape and cherry juice, our non-alcoholic spumante makes a great celebratory libation for all ages.
Where can I purchase Cherry Republic's Stemless Champagne Flute?
Our Stemless Champagne Flutes are available to purchase online, along with our stemless wine glasses.
If you live in Michigan or plan on visiting soon, check out any of our six retail locations. Also check out Cherry Republic's Winery on our Glen Arbor campus.