Statesman's Nut Mix

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A mix of mixes! The stately Statesman's Mix is a grand combination of our Milk and Dark Chocolate Cherry Nut Mixes, plus extra roasted and salted almonds and cashews, and a more than a generous handful of dried cherries. This sweet and salty cherry, nut, and chocolate mix will be a hit at any gathering.

Now we’re excited to unveil our 'Cherrish Michigan' campaign. With the purchase of Statesman's Nut Mix, we will donate $1 to Crosshatch Center for Art & Ecology.

Crosshatch Center for Art & Ecology
Crosshatch Center for Art & Ecology builds strong communities through the intersections of art, farming, ecology and economy.

14 oz. bags; Case of 12

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Customer Reviews

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    Statesman's Nut Mix

    entire package is going rancid

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    Will be enjoying soon!

    Purchased this item for an upcoming trip. It looks delicious - can't wait to try!

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    Awesome mix!

    OMG! This mix is so good. I DID add more chocolate-covered cherries to it beause I love them so much. The nuts are amazing. Thank you Cherry Republic for making my day.

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    Nuts music a drink

    Goes perfectly with Trombone Shorty and a Manhattan. They really should offer this wholesale by the 5 gallon bucket.

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    Delicious; a good combination of everything.

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    I have moved to Bhutan...and when my son comes to visit THIS is what I want him to bring in his suitcase!

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    no cherries in mix

    There were no cherries in my mix. I was looking forward to those. But the nuts were very good. Wish the cherries were there.

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    would give a score of 3.5 but will mark 4 here

    The mist was good. Excellent nuts, and I like that some are covered with chocolate and some not. There weren't very many cherries in this mix. It seemed to be more then 3/4 nuts (although, again, they were excellent nuts). The few chocolate covered cherries I got were very good. Just wish there were more from a place called Cherry Republic.

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    This should be illegal, it's addicting and delicious. I just found this by searching the web because I finished a bag that was given to me by a relative who was visiting Michigan. I'm going to see if anyone has a half bag to sell on Ebay. I'm Jones-ing. Warning - this is a gateway snack.