Spiced Cherry Preserves

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Limited Edition!

Spiced Cherry Preserves are a seasonal favorite, and are only available for a limited time! Cinnamon, allspice, and cloves dance around chunks of plump cherries to warm you from the inside out. A unique addition to any breakfast plate, or paired with warm brie for a yummy holiday appetizer.

8.5 oz. jar

Case of 12

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    This jar is my happy place!

    This is one of my favorite products at Cherry Republic. It is like fall and Christmas combined in a jar... not too sweet and just the right amount of spice that makes it smell as wonderful as it tastes. It was tasty on toast, but mostly was enjoyed as a topping on vanilla ice cream. My ice cream only. I did not share. I hid it from my husband, and told my kids they would not like it. In my defense: these preserves, right out of the refrigerator, and mixed with ice cream had the feel of a warm pie a la mode. Add a shortbread cookie, and it’s even better. I need more... soon!