Sour Cherry Patches

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A favorite sweet treat for all ages, our Sour Cherry Patches are a best-seller. These gumdrop-style candies coated in a super-sour cherry sugar make your lips smile and pucker at the same time! You'll have to ask the kids to share.

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Customer Reviews

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    these are so delicious you will not be able to put them down.

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    Addictive :)

    I've oved sour patch cherries for years, but have a hard time finding them! Imagine how excited I was to stumble on them at Cherry Republic! They don't last long once they get delivered! Sooooo delicious!

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    So delicious!

    We order these for Christmas gifts & extra for us. We, then, end up ordering more once ours are gone. They are hard to stop eating!

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    Really good

    Great cherry flavor. Sour and sweet in perfect combination. Better than sour patch!

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    Gone too soon

    I would choose something sour and chewy over chocolate almost any day, and these hit the spot. I wish I had ten more bags!

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    Love the sweet and sour

    Love these candies! Always a favorite treat for the holidays ( and after- if I hide a few).

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    The perfect snack for people who like Tart snacks!!!

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    to die for!

    best candy in the whole world!!!

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    Sooo good!

    Everyone in our family loves getting the sour cherry patches as part of their Christmas gift. They taste so good.