Sour Cherry Patches

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A favorite sweet treat for all ages, our Sour Cherry Patches are a best-seller. These gumdrop-style candies coated in a super-sour cherry sugar make your lips smile and pucker at the same time! You'll have to ask the kids to share.

Cases contain 12 bags.

Customer Reviews

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    Same as I remember from my childhood. These are perfect

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    couldn't stop eating

    I bought a bag for my wife's bday and I ate her bag. I had to buy another for her and 1 for myself.

  • 4
    Great, but why Artificially Flavored?

    Why not use the great taste of real cherries, instead of artificially flavoring it?

  • 5
    Very good

    I could not stop eating this candy. It was wonderful. Wish I had ordered a bigger bag.

  • 5
    Perfect sour and sweet combo

    I loved the combination of sour and sweet in this bite sized treat. So incredibly delicious!

  • 5
    Our kids have always loved these

    From age 4 they have loved them and continue to even into college.

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    If you like sour candy, you will love these. They are a big favorite of mine and my grandkids.

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    Best sour cherries ever

    I gotta admit these are the best cherries I've ever had. In fact, every time I place an order I make sure to pick up a bag or two!

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    these are so delicious you will not be able to put them down.