Smoky Cherry BBQ Salad Dressing

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BBQ on salad? Absolutely! The Smoky Cherry Barbecue Dressing blends the tastes of our savory Cherry BBQ Sauce with our sweet Honey Mustard Vinaigrette into one bottle of dressing so good it will make your salad taste as rich as a ribeye. Now even the heartiest of meat-eaters will be happy to eat their greens.
17 oz. jars; Case of 12

Customer Reviews

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    Awesome smoky cherry sauce

    Cant say enough good things about this salad dressing. Smoky & sweet and full of flavor. Love to use it as a marinade or after cooking as a bbq dip. Or drizzle it on roasted vegetables. Delicious!

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    Awesome smoky cherry sauce

    This smoky sauce is awesome! Even though its listed as a salad dressing- 99% of the time we use it on other food. Smoky, slightly sweet and tangy. I buy it by the case and give it as gifts. We use it with everything including grilled meats (as a marinade or as a post-cooking sauce), as the bbq sauce for shredded chicken or pork, and as an ingredient in a tangy salad dressing. A tablespoon or two in a pan of quickly seared vegetables like green beans, asparagus & broccoli adds delicious subtle flavor. It is perfect - not too thick, nice flavor balance, not too sweet, good smoke flavor & not spicy. We prefer it over the cherry bbq sauce. Totally addicted to this smoky cherry bbq dressing!

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    Smokey not Sweet

    One of your staff suggested using this with shredded chicken marinated in the BBQ sauce and eating it in lettuce wraps. We ate it with small tortillas and LOVED IT! Smokey not sweet - perfect flavor.

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    Awesome Sauce

    This is terrific barbecue sauce, great flavor. It goes with anything. Highly recommended