Nuts & Snacks

We've combined plump, juicy Montmorency tart cherries with your favorite nuts and dried fruits to create seriously addictive (and pretty darn healthy!) snack mixes. We encourage you to try them all - and we challenge you to pick just one favorite!

Nut Mixes & Snacks
Sweet and salty is a classic combination, and that’s why our dried cherries and gourmet nuts are one of our best pairs. Our sweet, succulent dried cherries are mixed in with a tumble of premium jumbo almonds, jumbo cashews, and mammoth pecans. Protected in the best packaging we can find, the freshness of this mix is guaranteed. Consistently one of our best sellers during the holiday season, our nut mixes are good all year around!

Cherry Republic's premium nut and dried cherry nut mixes are a wonderful choice for coworkers, friends, family, neighbors, and gifting. Great for any occasion, from a casual get-together to a special celebration, these nut mixes are tasty and satisfying. Our collection offers our bestseller Cherry Nut Mix, Statesman's Nut Mix, Chocolate Covered Cherry Nut Mixes, and many seasonal snacks throughout the year. Try making our 5-Minute Easy Holiday Appetizer this holiday season using our Cherry Ambassador Nut Mix! A customer favorite recipe year after year!

No matter which nut mix you choose, it will be well-suited for any occasion. Any of these selections will be a delicious snack and the perfect anytime treat. Stock up on our nut mixes and snacks for unexpected guests, last-minute gatherings, or hikes in the great Michigan outdoors. You’ll be glad you planned ahead.

Nut Gifts & Gift Boxes
Don’t forget to choose Cherry Republic when sending gift boxes with nuts mixes included for your loved ones. Our nut mixes are the best gift because the combination of sweet dried cherries and savory nuts are guaranteed to warm the hearts of those around you!