Ruby Red Sour Cherry Patches

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If you were a fan of our former Original Sour Cherry Patches, you are going to LOVE our new Ruby Red Sour Cherry Patches!

A bit sweeter and packed with even more cherry flavor than the original, these chewy candies still pack the perfect sour punch and elevate the greatest of all fruits to a whole new level of YUM. We predict you won’t even miss the old version. Cherry on! (This product contains wheat.)

8 oz. bag

16 oz. bag

Case of 12

Customer Reviews

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    Ruby Red Sour Cherry Patches

    I loved the original sour cherry patches! Not a fan of the ruby red, as they are too sweet for my taste. Please, please, please bring back the originals!!

    Thank you for taking the time to review our products. All of our products have a satisfaction guarantee down to the last bite. We can provide you with a replacement product or a refund. Please contact our Cherry Ambassadors at 1-800-206-6949.

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    Originals MUCH BETTTER

    Loved the wonderful sourness of the originals. These are sweeter and just don't have that wonderful sour bite of the originals. BRING BACK THE ORIGINALS please.

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    Great cherry flavor. Hard to stop eating these.

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    Good balance between sour and sweet. First had these when my parents brought some back after a trip to Traverse City and I'm now ordering a case to hand out as gifts!

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    great sour cherry bites

    If you like sour cherry (I always pick cherry items out of any mix), this is pure sour cherry bliss. I love to mix with the cherry gummy bears for a sweet/sour combo.

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    Ruby Red vs Original

    Ruby Red are the new Sour Cherry Patches. We buy bags and bags of the the sour cherry patches for our kids and grandkids. Unfortunately the kids and grandkids have let us know these are not nearly as good as the originals. Please try to find a new supplier.

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    Don't hold a candle to the original

    Agree with other comments that these are okay but the originals are amazing in these just don't hold a candle to them. I am heartbroken that the originals are sold out

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    Ruby Red Sour Cherry Patches

    Candy Perfection! These Ruby Red sour cherry patches are fantastic - not overly sweet and not overly sour - just perfect! Warning: Highly addictive! Please Cherry Republic do not ever discontinue this product!!

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    Great Sour Gummies

    I loved the flavor, texture and hint of tartness. I just wish the size was a smidge larger I would definitely purchase these again.