Original Cherry Barbecue Sauce

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Shhhhh. It's a secret! Our top-secret blend of spices and cherries makes our Cherry Barbecue Sauce rich, tangy, and wonderfully different. We can't tell you what's in it, but we can tell you this: spread some on ribs, chicken, burgers, or even bratwurst - Cherry Barbecue sauce will add a terrific zest to anything you're grilling!

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    Out of this world taste

    I had never heard of this product. My Father used it smoking spareribs. There remained 2” left in the Cherry barbecue sauce jar. Dad lovingly wiped down the jar, and placed it in the very back of the refrigerator. I could tell how much he valued the remaining amount in the jar. I went on your website and ordered him six jars of the original cherry barbecue sauce and two Spicy cherry barbecue sauce to let him try. Dad was so very excited. Thank you for making his day and the best barbecue ever!!!

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    Cherry Barbecue Dauce

    The cherry barbecue sauce adds just enough flavor to Barbecue that I use it all the time on steak, chicken, pork.....I use it all the time now...both my wife and I lovevit

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    Cherry Barbeque Sauce

    Smooth and smoky this BBQ sauce is delicious over ribs especially. You will want to save some for dipping your wings into or have a little extra on hand for ribs. While it is more sweet than spicy, if you need to turn up the heat, you can always add your own spice to taste. This sauce is made in small batches and you can taste the quality!

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    Cherry BBQ Sauce

    My favorite BBQ sauce by far!

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    Sauce lovers dream

    For the first time tasting this sauce it was a real winner as well as a real eye opener! I've found it the best used as a dipping sauce. But don't just sit there try some for yourself!

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    bbq sauce

    This was so delicious! We used it for the finishing touches on slow cooked baby back ribs! OMG

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    Barbecue Sauce

    Good flavor, cherries really stand out, good on food off of the grill or from crock pot.

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    Amazing on Turkey!

    Have loved the salsa for years and just discovered this! We use this when baking turkey tenderloins or when grilling turkey burgers. Apply during last 15 minutes of cooking! Perfection! Not too spicy for the kids and grown ups love too!

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    Just the right sweetness!

    We really like it on our ribs! Can't wait to try it on some other meats!