Montmorency Nouveau Preserves

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From Tree to Table in 24 Hours!

The tart cherries used in our 2021 Montmorency Nouveau Preserves were picked at The Leelanau Fruit Company, rushed to our Cherry Factory in Empire, and crafted into our mouth-watering, oh-so-fresh preserves.

Experience the fresh flavor of straight-from-the-orchard Michigan cherries today.

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17 oz. jar

Case of 12

Customer Reviews

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    Montmorency Nouveau Preserves

    Ok, so we ordered one jar to "be sure we'd like it!" Within two days, three us us ate through half the jar! As we saw the supply dwindle, we started to stake our claims to the rest of our respective shares. In my family, when it comes to good food, this territorialism is not pretty! So we came back to buy more! Problem solved! Well, temporarily, that is. We'll have to ration this stuff until it's available again next year! I hope we make it! Thank you for giving us some joy in life during this pandemic; we needed that!

  • 5
    Best jam ever!

    I spread these preserves on my peanut butter toast almost every morning. Delicious! My husband ordered 12 jars so that we can give some as gifts.

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    My order via the interwebs

    I ordered 2 jars of cherry jam. They arrived in 1 piece & are beyond delicious. We use it on toast, sandwiches & use it in desserts.

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    Five star rating for sure

    LOVE LOVE IT. Eat it on toast every morning. Tops All jelly.

  • 5
    My Favorite treat

    It isTHE VERY BEST TREAT OF THE YEAR. I eat it on toast almost every morning

  • 5
    Montmorency Nouveau Preserves

    This is just awesome. It is the best to put on toast and bagels

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    FANTASTIC Montmorency Nouveau Preserves

    I read a review and picked upon someone’s comment about no CHERRIES in the bottom of the jar. Oh yea I assume when the preserves are poured into the jar it was warm and therefore the cherries floated to the surface leaving the clear preserves (jell) at the bottom of the jar. After opening the lid you must stir the preserves so the cherries and jell are mixed really good. Montmorency Nouveau CHERRY preserves are fantastic! Try it on vanilla ice cream. I recommend this preserve to any person who loves the real taste of cherries in a preserve.

  • 5
    Best Preserves Ever

    I am so in love with this product. I bought the 2018 version last year and have been waiting impatiently for the 2019 Montmorency Preserves. I’ve actually asked my husband to order more for my birthday gift, that is how much I love Montmorency Nouveau Preserves.

  • 5

    I love these perseveres! I think it spreads easier than the traditional cherry jam and is so delicious!! We ordered 3 more jars!

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