Montmorency Dried Cherries

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Big, plump, and juicy. Our dried cherries are the best available. We start with the best Montmorency Tart Cherries of the year and use our unique drying process to ensure they are beautiful, great tasting, and healthy. The versatility of dried cherries makes them particularly good for purchase in bulk. An easy substitute for raisins in any recipe, they are also a healthy alternative to candy in kids' lunch boxes, a great addition to stuffings for roasts, easily reconstituted and substituted for fresh cherries, and that extra something special in trail mixes, on relish trays, or in homemade chutneys.

Customer Reviews

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    I love these cherries but the price plus the price of the mailing cost is in excess!!!

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    Dried Cherries

    Always the highest Quality and fresh!! Love them!

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    LOVE the cherries

    If we pace ourselves, these cherries last for months- they never dry out & are delicious on their own or in dishes (salads, breads, cookies, etc.).

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    Everything I expected

    While they’re called dried cherries, they’re anything but. So chewy and delicious. Love them by the handful , in my cereal and in salads. Just great.

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    Cherry Addict

    Is it normal to go through 5 lbs of dried cherries in four months? I'm going to have to start putting these on an auto-reorder plan! :-)

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    THEE Michigan Cherry Flavor

    I am not from nor have ever been to Michigan. That being said, I am a mega fan of the Michigan cherry. Its unique and powerful taste is unmatched (and I'm from Washington). If you are looking for the Michigan cherry, this is it!

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    Dried...but not dry!

    Love these for snacking or meals. They do not have to be "reconstituted" as they are very moist. I use them everyday on cereal, and especially when cooking oatmeal in the double boiler. About 1/2 cup (or more!) thrown in with a whole grain oats recipe makes a great breakfast! No sweetener needed. Really versatile and delicious!

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    Not for me

    These are okay if you like sugar on your tart cherries. I do not care for the added sugar and removed one star because it was not listed that sugar was added to the cherries in the description. The quality of these cherries is superb in spite of unnecessary addition of sugar. My dad loves them.

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    Formula for these things should be locked in your vault!

    These are great for snacking on the way to the Republic to load up with more!