Milk Chocolate Cherry Turtles

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Our chocolatier is working overtime! By popular demand ... a milk chocolate version of this premium product. Our tart cherries, buttery caramel, and crunchy pecan pieces, covered in rich milk chocolate.

14 oz. bags

Case of 12

About 18 turtles per bag.

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Customer Reviews

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    Milk Chocolate Turtles

    Add another Cherry or two to these and they will be dynamite! Pretty dang yummy as they are, but MORE CHERRIES PLEASE.

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    They have changed

    These are still yummy but not as good as before. They used to be full of cherries and were the greatest thing I have ever tasted. Disappointed to find only one cherry per candy. They are basically just regular turtles.

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    Bought these for my mom who saw them in my catalogue. By the title, I assumed there would be cherries mixed in with the caramel and nuts. Unfortunately, every single one had only 1 small cherry that was placed on top of the turtle before covered in chocolate. Very misleading description of product.

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    These are really delicious! - some of the best turtles I have experienced. They are well worth the price and the cherry adds a nice yummy uniqueness. Like someone else mentioned, the cherry taste is just right. It does not overwhelm the traditional turtle flavor.

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    Best ever

    Wonderful thick milk chocolate and the right mix of Carmel cherries

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    Taste great

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    Subtle Cherry Delight

    Love these! I love that they aren’t overpowered with cherries, just a subtle cherry taste.

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    Needs more cherries

    These are fine, but they need more cherries and a little less chocolate. The caramel is buttery delicious. Since this is Cherry Republic, I would have expected more than one cherry in each turtle. Add more cherries and I’ll be a fan.

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    loved it!

    loved the sweet salty tangy flavor!