Mamma Mary's Cherry Pie Filling

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When you want a fresh cherry pie, but don't have time to start from scratch, Mamma Mary's Cherry Pie Filling makes it easy! Just make or buy a pie crust, add the pie filling, and bake. It makes a yummy pie with lots of plump, juicy, tart cherries. It has to be good because Bob's Mom is on the label!

The Perfect Cherry Pie

36 oz. jars; Case of 12

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    Cherry pie filling


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    Mamas Cherry Pie Filling

    it was so easy to make a pie - just dump and go

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    cherry pie filling

    My husband never liked cherry pie so we never made it. It was a favorite of mine having grown up in N Mich. On impulse, I bought a jar. my husband said that this was the best he’d ever tasted and now knew why I liked cherry pie.

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    Sweet pie filling

    The cherry flavor is good, but my goodness, it is so sweet. Half the sugar would be plenty.

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    Mamma Mary's

    An old friend - both of us former Michiganders - sent me a jar of this pie filling which I saved especially for a family get-together. The only one who liked it was an 8-year-old who called it "jello pie" because it was more filling than cherries. Big disappointment.

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    Mamas Cherry Pie Filling

    This is the bomb! Well worth the price. This puts grocery store canned filling to shame.

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    New Thanksgiving favorite!

    My son brought home this jar of cherries from his trip to visit a friend in Michigan. Because of the pandemic, I could not find enough of everything I needed to bake my traditional Thanksgiving pies, so I tried this jar of cherry pie filling for the extra pie. It was such a hit, it is now the new Thanksgiving favorite!

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    Our favorite!

    I order this to keep on hand for baking pies or strudel. The outstanding flavor is amazing! It takes me back to my summers in Traverse City when I was a kid for the Cherry Festival!!

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    Incredibly delicious

    The most flavorful cherry pie filling I ever had! Yummy