Iced Imperial Pretzels

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The tempting crunchy and salty pretzels are dipped in our famously rich cherry confectioner's coating and then drizzled under a smooth white confectioner's coating.

10 oz. bag

Case of 12

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Customer Reviews

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    Iced Imperial Pretzels

    Excellent taste, everyone we've given them to has loved them and order from Cherry Republic! Great product and makes a good stocking stuffer!

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    tasted stale

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    There is something special about chocolate covered pretzels. You just can’t miss the treat.

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    They are amazing! Pretzels covered in a cherry sauce.

    Very good and a good treat for snacking

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    Best Pretzel Ever!

    Simply the best pretzel ever! Perfection!

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    You are going to LOVE this tasty treat

    These pretzels boom with flavor!! My daughter couldn't put them down!! Ha ha. Our family loves us some Cherry Republic

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    Iced imperial pretzels

    very good

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    I bought this for a friend that had gotten them for me at Christmas. He received them Friday and has almost finished them off. He wrote hysterical texts about how he tried to put them in places that he wouldn't get them...nothing worked! So funny!

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    VERY addictive

    I love these but I have to be careful because it would be so easy to eat the entire bag. If you love iced pretzels, you definitely will love these!