Green Dragon Snack Mix

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New cherry wasabi snack is the perfect example of what the Japanese call 'umami' -- the combination of all your taste sensations. Spicy wasabi peanuts and peas combine with sweet (yet tart!) dried cherries and crunchy rice crackers to create a party for your mouth.

Now we’re excited to unveil our 'Cherrish Michigan' campaign. With the purchase of Green Dragon Snack Mix, we will donate $1 to Circle of Blue.

Circle of Blue
Circle of Blue informs global audiences about the growing competition between water, food, and energy in a changing climate.

10 oz. bags

Case of 12

Customer Reviews

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    Green Dragon Snack Mix

    We liked it! We've found it pretty spicy. The wasabi beans can be particularly hot.

  • 5
    I love Dragon Mix

    Perfect hot and spicy mix plus sweet cherries and crunchy Asian crackers-

  • 2

    The wasabi flavor is quite dominant. Would enjoy if it had more flavors.

  • 2
    Wasabi flavor is too dominant

    I tried to like this mix because it was so fresh but in the end, there is just too much of the wasabi flavor with little to no complementing flavors. I have tried to figure out which flavor would add some balance to the wasabi... I CAN say that I'm missing the peanut flavor (the wasabi overwhelms the taste of the coated peanuts). The sweet/fruity taste of the cherries kind of gets lost too with all the wasabi heat. Maybe if the peanuts were coated with yogurt? I'm afraid I won't buy again unless something changes in the total flavor profile.

  • 5
    Dragon mix rocks

    love the mixture of flavors thumbs up on this very tasty I recommend this product