Dark Chocolate Pecan Boomchunka

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Dark chocolate chunks and pecan pieces combine with plump tart cherries and rolled oats in these made-from-scratch, over-sized cookies.

(We don't use any preservatives, so be sure to eat or freeze your cookies as soon as they arrive!)

Two cookies per package; Case of 12 packages

Customer Reviews

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    Boomchunka cookies ,dark chocolate pecan

    I ordered these as a birthday gift for a cookie lover, and she was thrilled as she said they were so big she could only eat half before she was filled up, and saved the rest for later

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    Thick and moist with delights of chunky chocolate and pecans with complimentary morsels of cherries make this cookie perfect for dessert or breakfast.

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    Boomchunka Dark Chocolate Pecan Cookies

    It is almost impossible to stop eating them once you start! They are like eating a sweet, hearty breakfast. Delicious chocolate, pecans and moist cherries burst with flavor in your mouth. The cookie is moist too! You might think you are saving your second cookie for takes a lot of self control to stop at one. Enjoy!

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    Boomchunka Delight

    These were suppose to be a gift for my son, but I couldn't resist. They were wonderful. They were fresh, just the right amount of chew, and the combination of cherries, pecans, and dark chocolate were irresistible. What I liked most about these cookies is they weren't overly sweet. My son is receiving all your other wonderful products.

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    OMG These Are Good!

    I love these cookies so much that I’ll have to buy more. They’re not skimpy. They’re a really nice handful with the cherries and chocolate chunks. I will buy more!

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    Love these cookies

    These cookies came and they went! They don’t last long in our house at all! Very delicious and have ordered several times. These don’t make it to the freezer!!

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    Dry, hard cookie. Too thick.

    I didn’t like these cookies at all. They were too thick. They were hard and dry. I tried them as soon as they arrived, so they should have been fresh. I won’t order them again and will throw away what is left.

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    A great big cookie!

    We have been ordering these for a number of years. - such a delicious big cookie loaded with wonderful chocolate, pecans, and of course, cherries! It is so nice they come in a 4 pack. We always like to freeze two of them for a treat later.

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    Great earn you only want a small cookie

    Love Boomchucnkas