Dark Chocolate Covered Cherries

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Our Dark Chocolate Cherries are panned in a bittersweet chocolate containing about 60% cocoa — making for a richer and less sweet chocolate taste. What better way to enjoy a Montomorency tart cherry than covered in dark chocolate?

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Customer Reviews

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    Best thing they sell!!! Love waking up in the morning and eating a few to kickstart my day!

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    Dark Chocolate covered cherries

    Yummo! The best I've found.

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    Dark chocolate cherries

    My wife has loved Dark Chocolate Cherries for years. These are her favorites. .... I have never had better. Very good chocolate and cherry balance.

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    Dark Chocolate Covered Cherries - 2 ea. 16 oz.

    They arrived in excellent condition and they are wonderful. We enjoy them every evening after dinner and beyond. We will be ordering them again soon.

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    Dark Chocolate Covered Cherries

    On 12/18/20, I went to Trader Joe in Dallas, and bought a 12 oz plastic tub of dark chocolate covered cherries for $4.95, equivalent to $6.50 for 16 oz. Cherry Republic sells this same size for $19.95, more than 3x as much. My sister sent me these from Cherry Republic last year, and they were not ok, but my Trader Joe ones seem every bit as good, if not better.

    Cherry Republic's prices on almost everything are absurd, and it seems they are selling - and customers are paying for - a brand name, not a product.

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    Dark Chocolate Covered Cherries

    These are the best chocolate covered cherries I have ever eaten. The flavor match of the cherries and the dark chocolate is wonderful. I was worried that these might be crushed since they came in a bag, not a box. They came all the way to Florida, no smashed cherries or missing chocolate! The items I purchased were well packaged and packed in sturdy boxes. Everything arrived in perfect condition. Thanks so much, Cherry Republic!! I will be ordering again!!

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    dark chocolate covered cherries

    These chocolate cherries are the best I have ever had. Seriously!!!

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    Dark Chocolate Cherries

    These dark chocolate cherries are luscious! Our 93 year old mom needed a replacement for her Dove Chocolate Cherries, and when we found Cherry Republic, she said these were just perfect! Thank you for having such a delicious quality product that lets us keep her dark chocolate cherry cravings well-satisfied. Just the right chocolate sweetness with soft dried cherries and minimal added anything. You're awesome!!!

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    Dark Chocolate Covered Cherries

    Your dark chocolate covered cherries are the best. Dark chocolate is not my favorite, milk chocolate is, but these have won me over. Cherries are my favorite fruit so I could eat these all day long. I look forward to my next bag!