Cherrywood Smoked Sea Salt

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The smoky aroma of our Cherrywood Smoked Sea Salt transports you to a late-summer beach campfire, and its smooth, slightly sweet taste adds abundant flavor to grilled meat, roasted veggies & broiled fish. A beautiful amber color, this course-grain, pure sea salt is perfect for salt mills. Bon Appetit!

11 oz. jar

Case of 12

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    Cherrywood Smoked Sea Salt

    We stopped in the store in Ann Arbor for the first time when I was there on business in February. We went back two weeks ago, and this time bought two jars. I hope you are back in stock soon! I am literally putting this salt on every savory food item in my house. It's not too smokey, it enhances and brightens all the flavors - it's fantastic.

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    Sea Salt

    This sea salt is fantastic. I have many gourmet chef friends and when I use this salt, it is easily noticed and distinctive. I now give it for party by the jar!

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    Nice flavor additive

    As soon as I saw this new product, I knew I had to order it and boy! Am I glad I did. I use this salt on so many things! It adds a nice smokey flavor but in the background, not forward tasting. The other great thing is it's sea salt, so it's a better salt alternative than using table salt in cooking. I highly recommend adding this to your cooking regimen!