CherryStrong Cherry Concentrate

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That's 60 to 70 Ruby Red Morsels of Joy, lovingly grown in a Northern Michigan cherry orchard, harvested, bottled, and delivered to you as 100% Tart Montmorency Cherry Concentrate.

16 oz. bottle

32 oz. bottle

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Customer Reviews

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    Cherry Strong Consentrate

    I like this cherry juice so much I purchase the quart size. Tasty in lemonade., my favorite.

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    Cherry juice

    Omg I tried at my drs orders and this stuff is awesome!!!! I will not stop taking it! I sleep better at night and my joints are feeling 100% better. My husband also now takes it everyday as well

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    Cherry Strong Juice

    I purchased to hopefully help with inflammation and can't really comment on this yet as I'm still working on my first bottle. I will say it's absolutely delicious.

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    CherryStrong Concentrate

    I had heard of the benefits of tart Cherry juice in fighting inflammation, so I decided to give CherryStrong a try. I put 1/2 cup of the concentrate in 2qt of Lemonade and drink an 8 oz. glass. The difference is amazing. My knees feel so much better, and I am sleeping better. I would recommend CherryStrong to anyone who has join pain.

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    We starting drinking CherryStrong in Lemonade last year, and it has made a great difference for both my brother and me. It had helped with joint pain, as well as with getting a good night’s sleep. I recommend it for everyone who suffers from joint pain of any sort.

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    Great for health regime

    I left a comment earlier but after being on this stuff for almost a year now, I had to write another review because I firmly believe this product, along with the soft gels, has kept me healthy all last year. I typically get sick several times during the year. I started on this product as soon as it became available to order. I have not caught a cold or other illness since taking this product. Obviously everyone's experience will be different, but I've always been a "sickie" and to have had NO SICK DAYS taken since the beginning of March 2020 is, quite frankly, a miracle! I can only attribute this to CherryStrong. I know there are other sources of tart cherry out there, but why not support Michigan farmers and home-grown Cherry Republic? I think it's worth every penny to do so.

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    Absolutely great product

    I drink 2 tablespoons with club soda daily tastes great and my joints don’t hurt any longer. Works great for joint pain.

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    Cherry Strong concentrate

    This tastes like drinking fresh cherries!

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    Best. Stuff. Ever.

    I mix this with lime-flavored carbonated water that makes this a much better-tasting "Cherry Limeade" than Sonic'S! I highly recommend this product, especially now! Good health is priceless, making this product very cheap in comparison to hospitalization!