Cherry Wonderbar

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Crisp rice cereal and crunchy Chinese noodles combine with peanut butter, dark chocolate chunks, dried cherries and miniature marshmallows in this deluxe rice cereal treat!
3.5 oz. bars; Case of 12

Customer Reviews

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    Absolutely Adore These

    Ever since my college roommate introduced me to the Wonderbar, I have never been able to satisfy the craving (even after munching down on two this week - whoopsies). Anyway, they are delicious and well worth the money and I hope CR keeps on baking them!

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    Family favorite

    These bars have become a family favorite. They are always nice and chewy, the ingredients go together wonderfully, and we also like that they are not overly sweet. A great snack, or even dessert.

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    These are addictive.

    So glad to see I can buy wonderbars online. These are an addictive treat, my family loves. Nothing quite like the mixed flavors of peanut butter, cherries, chocolate, marshmallows etc. combined. Yum.

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    Great snack!

    Buying for my son who loves them.

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    So glad to see Wonderbars are back!

    Imagine my disappointment earlier this year, when I stepped into the Cherry Republic store in Traverse City ,planning to get my fix with a Wonderbar or two, only to find they were no longer being sold. Sadness ensued! I am more than thrilled to see you have returned this gem to your product line. Chewy ooey goodness! Thank you!

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    They are our favorite item at CR

    I love Wonder Bars and so does my adult daughter. They are her favorite thing and I am so glad they are back so I can send her a Christmas and Birthday Box of Wonderbars.

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    My favorite CR Item!

    I love Cherry Republic's Wonderbars! They are a perfect mix of chocolate, peanut butter, crispy cereal, cherries, and marshmallows. All my favorite things. They are moist and soft, but still have a decent amount of crunch from the crispy cereal. I look forward to picking up one or two or 6 of these treats whenever I am near a Cherry Republic. They are a perfect mix of sweet and very filling when you are looking for a snack. They are a delicious bar!

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    This truly is wonderful

    If I could, I would eat this like everyday. Seriously! Chock full of cherries,chocolate and crunchiness. Everything is just right. Not to much or not enough of anything.