Cherry Snack Sticks

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Grab some of these mouthwatering snack sticks before a day of hiking or a night camping under the stars. Sure, you’ll enjoy the flavors of beef and pork, but adding cherry to these snacks ... genius. Savory, sweet, and salty all at once, they’ll help you keep going on those tough days, and on the not-so-tough ones. Avoid fighting over the last stick. Get a box for everyone.

6 sticks per package

7 oz. packages

Case of 12


Customer Reviews

  • 5

    I don’t understand how these have been rated to poorly! These are my absolute favorite! I moved out of town and my Mom always gets these for me when I’m home or when she visits theyre sooooo good! Way better than Big store brand and you can tell the difference in quality.

  • 2
    Not as good as I expected.

    They are greasier than the regular log of summer sausage and the casing is very hard. I’ll stick to the log from now on.

  • 1
    So so, no tase of any cherries

    Not too great

  • 5
    A new favorite snack

    These snack sticks have great snap and flavor, and taste much fresher than some more common brands. The cherry flavor is slight, but detectable, and very welcome!

  • 2
    Could not taste any cherries. Hard casing.


  • 4
    Awesome snack for the trip

    I picked up some of these snack sticks from the Frankenmuth store and was glad I did. I was trying to hold off eating dinner until I got to Michigan City and couldn't wait. I broke open these gems and I couldn't stop myself. My wife was upset when she woke and didn't get any. I am restocking now...

  • 5
    Great taste! great size!

    I love Cherry Republic Summer Sausage, but these snack sticks are just as good if not better because there is no prep required! I just pop open the package and enjoy.

  • 3
    Good Taste but.....!

    These cherry sticks sounded like a great snack item for me so I tried them. They are tasty but I was expecting more cherry flavor. Good, but it is not enough for my tastes so I would not likely buy them again.