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Our Scone Mix recipe is delicious on its own, but it also provides a perfect blank canvas for creative snacking. Scones are a great base for a summer strawberry/cherry shortcake, or they can even be dressed up with bacon, cheese or herbs. Make the dough a day or two ahead, and you have a quick breakfast to bake up when company is expected.

Our recipe is a traditional take on a scone. For a biscuit-like scone replace the milk and butter with 13 oz. of heavy whipping cream. Mix until combined and drop by heaping spoonfuls onto baking sheet lined with parchment paper.

Cherry Rhubarb Scone Recipe

1 lb. bags; Case of 12

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    Cherry Scone mix

    How Disappointing. .., I often make scones from scratch for my bridge group and these were the most disappointing. The recipe calls for one cuo of butter. 2 sticks. They did not rise and the amount of butter kept them from looking like they were baked.
    Maybe they would have been better had the recipe called for one stick of butter and an egg.

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    Cherry Scone Mix

    Absolutely delicious, like the gourmet version. Instead of chocolate chips or raisins, I added the rind from one large orange. The orange rind added a near divine depth in flavor to the cherries! When will the product be available again?? Best Wishes!!

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    Melt in your mouth scones!!

    When I saw 4 stars on this review I gasped and had to write a review. These are the most wonderful scones!! Take care to create a little powder sugar and lemon zest icing and you will be like me and my family~always have an extra bag in the cupboard.

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    The very best!

    This is by far the BEST pre-packaged scone mix I have ever make. The plump cherries and baking mix make it a family favorite.

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    A new holiday favorite

    I never tried the original recipe and was a little concerned as are using these mixes in gift bags where everyone had to bring something from their state.
    I ordered a couple extra mixes and tried them ahead of time. Easy to prepare and all were devoured! Best customer service I've ever had. They were being delivered as part of our pie order which would put them here too late for our event. When I explained to the Cherry Ambassador, she immediately spoke to her supervisor and then sent 8 scone mixes to me overnight at no additional charge. Will absolutely be coming back.

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    Easy to mix and roll out. Delicious! Great cherry taste!!!!!

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    Easy and great tasting

    I thought I’d give the scones a try in my last order. I made them this week. They were easy to make and were tasty. My son wants to know if we can get these more often.

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    Absolutely delicious!

    Loved this mix. It needed more milk than directions required to come together but it was well worth it. Add white chocolate chips to compliment the cherries. Would definitely purchase again!

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    Previous product was SO much better!

    Interesting how the previous product got 5 stars. I would have given it 5 stars also. But the new version is very disappointing. Bring back the older product!