Cherry Hot Cocoa

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Sip a bit of chocolate and cherry in a cup. Sweet on your tongue and warm in your tummy. Top with marshmallows or whipped cream and sprinkles.

6.25 oz. tin

Case of 12

Customer Reviews

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    Hot Chocolate

    The Hot Chocolate is great but it’s not that great to cost over $11 for 5

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    Yummy Hot Cocoa

    This delicious cherry hot cocoa is so flavorful. It makes a great gift.

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    Cherry cocoa


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    Good but Directions Please?

    Pretty good. My only complaint is that they put this long story on the back of the bag but no recommendations for mixing proportions and if better with milk or water so had to mix several times to experiment to find a good blend.

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    The Best Hot Chocolate Drink you have ever tasted!

    I have been getting this Cherry Hot Chocolate mix for several years now. First up north we discovered it in the little Charlevoix, MI store. Then we were pleasantly surprised when they opened the Ann Arbor MI store several years ago. I ask for this Cherry Hot Chocolate mix for my birthday and Chrismas presents. I will warn you that this packet doesn't go far and you'll wish you had ordered extra.
    I see they are out of stock...this a sad state of affairs indeed!

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    The Best Hot Chocolate

    This is by far the best hot chocolate that I've ever had. It has perfect balance. Not too sweet, not too cherry, it's just right. It's easy to see why your temporarily out of stock! RATS!!!