Cherry Ginger Bear

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Made of cherries and spice and everything nice, our Cherry Ginger Bear is even zestier than our Cherry Ginger Ale.

12 oz. bottles

6-Pack or Case of 12

Customer Reviews

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    Refreshingly delicious

    This is one of my all time favorite sodas. The ginger kick is nice and strong at the end which greatly compliments the cherry sweetness at the beginning. Obviously it makes an amazing Moscow Mule as well. Highly recommend the Cherry Ginger Beer (unless you hate the ginger zing, which I personally love)

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    Excellent Ginger Beer

    This Ginger Bear soda is amazing. It has just the right amount of cherry flavor, just enough so that it doesn't overpower the ginger kick at the end. I highly recommend you try some if you like ginger beer and cherries.

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    Excellent taste - AMAZING

    If you like Ginger Beer your going to LOVE Cherry Ginger Bear - the best Ginger Beer I have tried to date! Visited the Frankenmuth, MI Cherry Republic store and would recommend everyone to stop in. Can't Wait to go back and buy more!

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    Not exaggerating, UNBELIEVABLEY good

    Listen, this is the best soda I have ever had. If you love soda (check) and like ginger and cherries, the real things (check, check) I promise you that your first sip will, seriously, AMAZE you. This is really special stuff. Cherry Republic needs to do something with this to get it out there. I can't be responsible for telling everyone in the world by myself. I mean I will try, but realistically I don't think I can tell EVERYONE. I don't even speak every language....anyway, you, I'm telling you right now, BUY THIS AND DRINK IT. You will really feel happy because it is that good, not kidding. Yeah, it's not sugar free, but DANG, it's Michy sugabeat sugar, and you can tell right away (oh man that first sip) and it tastes GOOD!

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    It's a great drink for Moscow Mules! Amazing flavor. If you've ever had ginger beer, you understand that it's for cocktails and not to drink alone.

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    IT BURNS! Stick to Cherry Soda instead

    I went to Cherry Republic today with the intent of getting some cherry fruit snacks and a cherry soda. Upon seeing this, I thought to myself, "Cherry Ginger Beer (bear), that sounds good! I'll try something new today". This was a mistake. THIS WAS A MISTAKE. It is ginger with a hint of soda and cherry. A tiny hint. After one sip, it immediately burns your throat. This burn sticks with you. I am now halfway through the bottle, forcing myself to drink it because I payed the $3.25 for it. Stick to Cherry Soda, there is much less pain involved.

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    get it!

    so delicious!