Cherry Crunchy Maple Granola

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Crunchy Maple Granola is baked in small batches using premium dried fruits and extracts, walnuts, and toasted oats. Contains wheat germ. A great snack straight out of the bag or over cereal or yogurt. To really see what our granola can do, try it sprinkled over a salad in place of croutons!
1 lb bags; Case of 12

Customer Reviews

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    Tastes great, but...

    It really tastes great and is one of my very favorite granolas. But .... there isn't any maple in it at all and it doesn't have any maple taste. Still and all, a great granola. Just a misleading name.

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    Yummy perfect blend.

    This granola is unbelievable! Perfect blend and not to soft but not to crunchy...

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    My picky kids loved it!

    I wish I brought a few bags home from Glen Arbor. Our family ate most of the bag during our trip home from vacation. My son is pretty picky on what he eats, however both of my kids loved this granola!

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    Good but not crunchy

    No doubt it's good but there's nothing crunchy about it. At least not the bag I purchased from the Traverse City store. It was a little disappointing.

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    Spoiler Alert! CR can make an addict out of you!

    I know you can try this over yogurt, cereal, salads, but I end up eating it ALL right out of the bag as a snack! Next thing I know I'm re-ordering more for just myself. Thanks CR for coming up with such an addicting snack. p.s. can only hope the caramel applesauce comes back in stock!

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    We know how to make ours last!

    This is such a delicious granola - love the nuts and dried cherries. We order 10 or 12 at a time, and do we know how to make it last! We put just a handful on top of our store bought healthful cereal. It adds so much great flavor to an otherwise semi-boring cereal. Since we take quite a while to finish all our bags, we now freeze the granola. It works very well if you empty the contents of the paper bag into a Ziploc freezer bag. I have kept the granola frozen for up to 1-2 months.

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    You can smell the maple before even opening the bag. My family and I passed it around just to sniff! Eating it was even better, sososososooo good!

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    Outstanding granola!

    I bought this in July during a visit to the store. It was so addicting, that I put in a kitchen cabinet no one else uses, just so that I could keep it all for myself. So guilty, not!

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    Wonderful granola just one problem.....

    This is without a doubt the best Granola on the market today. The only problem is that it is addicting. The Granola calls out "just a little more". The contents disappear very quickly. Tasty, not too sweet and every once in a while a big clump. Try it.