Cherry Crème Honey

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Honeybees are essential to the pollination of cherry trees, and the honey they make is delicious and healthy. At the end of the growing season in Leelanau County, we blend golden sweetness with tart cherry puree to create a smooth and creamy treat. Ideal for toast, waffles, and baking.

10 oz. jars

Case of 12

Customer Reviews

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    Cherry Creme Honey

    This is just the perfect blend of honey and the flavor of cherries! I buy this every time we’re in Glen Arbor.

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    Wonderful flavor

    Put it on your toast or English muffin in the morning. For lunch make a White Chocolate Cherry peanut butter and Cherry Creme Honey sandwich on your favorite bread. Now that’s a peanut butter and honey sandwich the Cherry Republic way!

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    Excellent honey, highly recommend it in the Cherry Republic Wild Cherry tea. Delish!

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    I've had many different types of Honey, but this is by far the best i've ever had

    The best Honey ever!!

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    Best. Honey. EVER!

    Have to agree with the other review. I tried this for the first time at the new Frankenmuth store. I about melt into the floor when I tasted it -- it was THAT good. Such a wonderful, creamy texture that's such an unexpected pleasure on the tongue!

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    This is the best honey I've ever eaten!

    My family brought this to me in NH from their visit to MI. I've never been a big fan of honey but I love this stuff. I will be ordering more.