Cherry BBQ Spice Rub

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This unique combination of spices and cherry goodness makes this Cherry BBQ Spice Rub a great addition to any meat, chicken or fish. Rub a little on ribs, steak or wings for a cherry twist on your next barbecue.

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    I've been smoken for 5yrs now and this rub on pork ribs w/ yellow mustard is perfect- spritz with 50/50 apple vin and cid for the first 4hrs b4 wrap. smoke at 220

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    For the Grill

    Have been using it as a rub for boneless, skinless chicken breasts and for thick pork chops. Very good on both!

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    Cherry BBQ Spice Rub

    This is our 3rd time buying this product. We have mainly used it on ribs and brisket, and it never disappoints! Great product!

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    Cherry BBQ Rub

    Love it. Great on anything.

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    Cherry bbq spice rub

    This is the very best bbq rub I have found. I not only use it on ribs, but on chicken and steaks. But the very best way is I sprinkle it on large raw shrimp on skewers with fresh pineapple and grill briefly over high heat. AMAZING!!!
    Order more than one jar. You will be addicted!

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    Cherry rub

    The BEST. I bought 3 jars last October and we just used the last of it and can't believe it is out of stock!!! We need more for our ribs!!!

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    Out of stock WHY??? Please bring it back we miss the rub!

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    Aawesome on ribs!!!

    Best rib rub

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    Great For The Grill or Smoker

    We were given this rub as a gift but will now be regular buyers (we wish it came in a bigger jar)! My husband loves to use this rub on practically anything he grills/smokes. Delicious on ribs, pulled pork, chicken, fish, and venison.