Cherry Bacon Spread

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We already know cherries make everything better. But cherries + bacon? Forgetaboutit. Crafted with Michigan cherries and apples, roasted onions, and applewood-smoked bacon, this sweet and savory spread will take your burger game to the next level, create a gourmet pizza, or transform slices of warm crusty bread into a mouth-watering appetizer.

10 oz. jar

Case of 12

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    Cherry bacon spread

    This is a delightful combination of flavors-- savory, sweet, sour, smoky, fruity. Have used as is on english muffin, and as a topping for crabcakes. Just opened the jar, so who knows what else we will try? this lets you be creative... I can imagine it will add to an hors d'oeuvres with cream cheese and a smoked mussel, perk up some veggies (?brussel sprouts, cooked carrots, yams), or topping on waffle, crumpets, etc

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    So good!!!

    Love this bacon spread. I had it on my hamburger when I was at the restaurant in Glen Arbor. I had to order it since both stores were out of it. Great addition to a burger or chicken sandwich.

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    Best CR product

    Just tried this new item on roasted pork lion (with the CR BBQ rub, of course!). It is absolutely delish! It is a bit sweet from the cherries, and a bit smokey from the bacon. I highly recommend trying this on your grilled and roasted meats. I would be fantastic on any meat.

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    Cherry Bacon Spread

    This is the best! Tried at test kitchen, been waiting for introduction. Love it on burgers or turkey sandwiches, yum.