Cherry Artisan Braided Bread

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Artisan Braided Bread is a soft loaf enriched with eggs and a hint of sugar in perfect balance. This versatile bread will enhance sandwiches, is perfect for french toast or enjoying alongside roasted meats or soups. The plump dried cherries speckled throughout this bread are like little jewels of jam, while the beautiful braided shape makes it a loaf worth showing off. Makes a perfect hostess gift. Ships frozen.
1.25 lbs.

Customer Reviews

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    Oh so delicious!

    Moist, delicious, perfect blend of cherries and bread. Cannot recommend enough. Well worth a try. A+++

  • 5
    Rich Flavor

    Oh so good! Truly delicious, moist, cherries in every bite. Well worth a try. You won’t be disappointed. Fine value for the quality. A++++

  • 5
    Perfect consistency with good amount of dried cherry. Just tastes sooooooo good. I love it and my kids love it too.

    It is perfect kind of bread with good amount of dried cherries.

  • 5

    Thawed the bread in the microwave. It tasted fresh and delicious!

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    Can't wait to try this for myself!

    I ordered a gift box for my parents that included this bread. They loved everything in the box, of course, but could not stop raving about how good the bread was! I've now ordered them another loaf, and I had to try some for myself so I have some on its way to me, too!

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    Soft and Delicious

    This bread is so great. It is soft and fresh and filled with big cherries. We gobbled up this loaf in a few days, We like it thick sliced and toasted and a bit of butter. I meant to see how long it would stay fresh once opened but we ate it so fast that it never had a chance to be less than perfect.