Cherry Ambassador Nut Mix

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A true diplomatic gesture. Great till the last bite, the Cherry Ambassador Mix is well-suited for any occasion. Tart dried cherries, dried cranberries, green pistachios and huge macadamia nuts make this a great diplomatic gesture for any occasion.

Hostess' Favorite Appetizer

Cherry Republic Holiday Bark

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14 oz. bag

Case of 12

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    NUTS, and Fruit. Fresh and tasty. NO chocolate, NO salty. Good choice if you are avoiding CANDY. (I kept looking for a chocolate covered cherry). Macadamia nuts plump and fresh.

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    Cherry Ambassador Nut Mix

    Wow! Super fresh mix with cherries, macadamia nuts & pistachios. I love it on my oatmeal!

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    Cherry Ambassador nut mix

    This is a wonderful product. I ordered it by mistake but really enjoyed it. Excellent flavor and nut mixture

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    I ate it all!!! I will be ordered soon.

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    Perfect blend of perfection!

    I received the large bag of Cherry Ambassador Mix as a stocking stuffer, and it couldn't have been a better mix! The combination of cherries, pistachios, and macadamia nuts was outstanding. I kept thinking that the macadamia nuts would run out before I got to the bottom of the bag, but this was not the case. The blend was so delicious and the nuts were a perfect balance all the way through. I enjoyed it so much I had to go online to order more. Uh oh, I might become addicted.

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    Outstanding mix of fresh flavors!
    Salty and sweet blend with just enough sweet chewy cherries to offset the crunchy crispy nuts.
    Best blend ever! Outstanding!