Cherries on Fire Salsa

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Rich in fruity flavor and hotter than the jalapeño, the spicy habanero scores high marks on the hot pepper scale, and packs a punch in our Cherries on Fire Salsa. Add some zip to chips, burgers, or burritos ... just be ready to put out the fire!

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16 oz. jar, Case of 12

Customer Reviews

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    The One Salsa You Need To Try

    The Cherries on fire salsa is the best salsa I have ever had. I can't eat salsa without cherries again. The salsa was hotter when I first tried it 6 months ago. It still has a good kick but I feel like my latest batch had less habanero then before. Regardless, it is great!

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    Best salsa EVER!!

    This is seriously the best tasting salsa that we have ever had. We order by the case now (every 7 weeks!) as we put it on EVERYTHING. And every time someone comes over we make them try it. I just wish Cherry Republic had some sort of frequent buyer program as we have spent well over $500 online and in store in just the past year alone.

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    I'm Addicted

    This stuff is pure awesome. It will "light you up" but it tastes SO good. It's hard to quit eating. I agree with another reviewer on the price. Why is this $2 more than other salsas? Hot peppers are not expensive. Have mercy.

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    Our Favorite

    If you like hot salsa this is it, yet it has a great sweetness as well. My husband and I like it so much we now are purchasing it by the case. A case doesn't last us nearly as long as I thought it would :)

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    Bursts with flavors

    This salsa bursts with flavors with a great kick to it. Another high quality salsa!

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    Sweet and Hot

    The best salsa I have ever eaten. Sweet and hot.

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    How did I live?

    How did I EVER live without Cherries on Fire Salsa?!? I love that it is hot, hot, hot but has GREAT flavor!

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    It's fabulous. I just wish it wasn't so expensive. I can't afford to eat as much as I want to.

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    Love this salsa! Very hot but amazing flavor!