Spring Catalog Highlight

This is Cherry Republic’s first catalog since my mother Mamma Mary — Cherry Republic’s longest employee passed away. And the fact that this is our Mother’s Day catalog makes me feel all's right with the world. If the earth is spinning especially well, the orchards will be blooming around Mother’s Day. One week later, there will be a memorial for my Mom, and I’ve had this image in my mind of all these blossom’s swirling in the air around the north that day as God brings the sweet white petals up to decorate heaven.

Mary Sutherland has left a lasting impression on this company, and the things she brought to work will always be here. Momma Mary had a great sense of humor, and our goal is to be funnier than ever. She was so curious about our customers and became instant friends, and we will make sure we have the time to do the same. Mary was generous, and this has become one of our key company values. She loved the excitement of new cherry products, and so we are going to create more cherry products in the next year than we ever have in the last 5 years. We hope that everything feels so perfectly right with the world of Cherry Republic.

This Mother’s Day, I look forward to giving my love to all the other moms in my life, with Steph now at the top of the list. And when the cherry blossoms come and the winds lift them off the trees, I will think of all the moms in our past. As Robert Browning wrote, The year’s at the spring…The lark’s on the wing… God’s in his heaven… All's right with the world.

Check out our Spring catalog here.

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