White Linen BBQ

Posted by bob on Jul 7th 2016

Thank you all for a great evening! Here are some of our favorite photos from the evening. We look forward to hosting more dinners and a big thank you goes out to Jessie Zevalkink for all of the lovely photos.

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We saved a spot just for you!

BBQ ribs

Help us celebrate summer with a White Linen Barbeque. Invite your friends and your family too For this special night on July twenty-two. With seatings on the back patio both at five thirty and eight, Ribs, sides, apps, special drinks and dessert will fill your plate. The cost is just $40 per person for you or your date, Plus $15 for kids 5 to 12. Hurry, hurry and let us know if you can join in the fun. Click here to reserve your spot! New BBQ sauces White Linen dinner