The 31 Days of Giving

Posted by andrewm on 1st Dec 2017

Cherry Republic is proud to announce the 50+ worthwhile recipients of our 2017 31 Days of Giving.  Our donations are focused on environmental and agricultural organizations with vision. This year, we introduce a new mission of ours --  In five years, Cherry Republic will be powered by 100% local renewable energy.  We hope to contribute to organizations that share the same values, but we all have five years to get there.  Check back each day around 12 P.M. EST as we recognize and reward a new ...

Re-Arbor Glen Arbor Letters

Posted by bob on 7th Dec 2016

Re-Arbor Glen Arbor funds have helped clean up much of the damage from the August 2nd 2015 storm. Now comes the fun part: helping those homeowners hardest hit by replanting trees in their yards. Here are some of the requests we’ve received in the past few weeks: “Our property was the hardest hit on Fisher Road. We lost 50 to 75 mature trees. We paid the price to get the driveway open and remove some of the downed trees. We will slowly clear and clean up as time goes by. It was so sad to d ...

Thank You Gift Box

Posted by bob on 7th Dec 2016

A Circle Of Gratitude Many people touch our lives, others provide support, and some lend a helping hand. What could be better than giving them a gift that says “thank you” in a cheery, cherry way? The Thank You Gift Box contains four small gifts of chocolate cherries and cherry jam to give as holiday gifts to teachers, neighbors, co-workers, postal workers, dog sitters, dog groomers, hair stylists, and all of those people who enrich your life with their presence. And we think you deserve a “ ...

31 Random Acts of Giving

Posted by bob on 5th Dec 2013

As the end of the year nears, we like to take the time to recognize people and organizations that have made a positive contribution to the greater good. Every day through December, we are wholeheartedly giving to good people and organizations living out big dreams. We'll be giving out a total of $120,000 over the course of the month. These are random acts of kindness, so most of these organizations don't know what's coming - we're hoping to brighten up their days and spread the love. We will ...

How do You Give?

Posted by LauraAnn on 29th Nov 2012

We would love your input on our giving.  Please email us a few paragraphs about who you will be donating to this December and why; and if you give your time to the group as well. Starting on this Saturday, December 1st, we will send out checks of $500 to $10,000 to organizations in Northern Michigan and Ann Arbor.  The money will go toward expanding, enriching and strengthening the community assets in our region.  What makes us special and what can we do to preserve that uniqueness and even e ...