It is fall and time for a celebration of everyone’s hard work this summer!

Posted by bob on 9th Oct 2015

Morning light shining down on the Kelderhouse home This joyful occasion is dedicated to the first bounty in over 50 years, we’ve planned this dinner to celebrate Jim Kelderhouse’s organization known as the Port Oneida Community Association. Proceeds from the dinner will go to the Port Oneida Community Association. We will raise a gracious toast to Jim and his group of volunteers. We will enjoy amazing food and charming company and we celebrate not only their hard work but, the return of an e ...

The Re-Arbor Glen Arbor Fundraising success

Posted by bob on 10th Sep 2015

The Re-Arbor Glen Arbor Fundraising Campaign is a huge success. With some help from the Utopia Foundation, we’ve raised an astonishing $45,000 in just a month. During that same time, $28,000 in donations have been given to Glen Arbor Township to help with the clean-up. A big heartfelt thank you to all who have contributed. Recently, a Re-Arbor Glen Arbor Community Task Force was created to oversee the spending of both of these funds. The task force has representation from Glen Arbor Towns ...

Stronger Than the Storm

Posted by bob on 20th Aug 2015

My favorite tree - a giant Black Walnut - was so strong thru the great summer shear storm two weeks ago that it didn't even loose a leaf.  This tree lives on the Barratt farm on Port Oneida.  It stands over every tree in the county and towers over Lake Michigan. Two grand maples act as a gateway to Pyramid Point on Port Oneida road. This favorite white birch tree also withstood the storm. I almost didn't want to post this tree as I call it my secret tree. A free Big Three gift ...

31 Days of Giving

Posted by bob on 31st Dec 2014

Cherry Republic is excited to share one of the most meaningful practices of the year: Our month of giving. We did it last year. And the year before. Our donations come from our 1% Off the Top program where one cent of every dollar we make is put aside for protecting and improving the quality of life in our great state. Generosity is fundamental to every religion and we hope to inspire giving to be a core value to every business as well. Cherry Republic raises money a second way -- thro ...

Pick Which Charities We Donate $1,000 To

Posted by bob on 5th Dec 2014

On Saturday, December 6, we gave each of our retail stores $1,000 to donate to one of six charities. We asked you to vote on which charity would get each store's donation. The results have been tallied, and we're happy to share the good news below. Glen Arbor Winning our Glen Arbor store's $1,000 donation is the Leelanau Conservancy. The Conservancy was established in 1988 to support, in a balanced manner, the preservation of the natural beauty, ecological integrity and working farms of ...

Moosejaw x Patagonia $10,000 Charity Thing

Posted by bob on 11th Mar 2014

Moosejaw Mountaineering and Patagonia are teaming up to help raise some money for some really fantastic charities. Two of those charities are near and dear to our hearts here at Cherry Republic: the Leelanau Conservancy and the Michigan Land Use Institute. Here's how it works. The charities will try to raise as much money as possible through the Crowdrise page set up for the fundraiser. The charity that raises the most will get a $5,000 donation from Moosejaw and Patagonia. Second place wil ...