Paddle to School

Posted by bob on 16th Jun 2016

Last fall, The boys and I decided to switch the year’s walk to school up with a different form of travel -  paddling to school.  It was my idea for this fourth annual event, and the boys were against it at first.  Colebrook wanted to run the seven miles to his classroom.  “And let’s do it in a hour,” said my nine year old.  “Yuck, that doesn’t sound fun,” said Hawthorn, the little legged brother.   Hawthorn was right.  Our day of self propelled travel to school has to be fun and outdoorsy and ...

Cold Water Safety in Northern Michigan

Posted by bob on 22nd May 2014

The Manitou Passage off Sleeping Bear Point in early May still had considerable amounts of ice. Northern Michigan has some of the most beautiful beaches and lakes in the world. Good Morning America declared it the most beautiful place in America and every year thousands of vacationers revel in its splendor. But that splendor hides some real dangers. Every year brings fresh tragedies as the unprepared, the careless, or the plain unlucky fall victim to the lakes. May and June are especia ...

Spring Thaw

Posted by bob on 24th Apr 2014

Spring, at last, is making its presence felt in the Republic. The days are noticeably longer and warmer, the snow has almost completely melted, and ice is gradually yielding to open water. Patches of grass are even turning green! There doubtless remain a few snowy days ahead, and we can never forget the risk of frost, but the weather has turned. The long, cold winter of 2014 is finally relenting. Spring is here. Yesterday was mild and gloriously sunny. With so much open water, I wanted to ...